JOBS JOBS JOBS  A cover letter introduces you to a potential employer. It should also explain what job you are applying for. Include a cover letter whenever you send your resume to a potential employer.  Before you write your cover letter, contact the company and ask for the name and address of the person your resume should be addressed to. If you can’t get a name, address your cover letter to“Dear Hiring Manager,”“Dear Personnel Director,”or“Dear Human Resources Team.“  Keep your cover letter and resume on your computer. Customize them for each employer and position. What to include in a cover letter  First Paragraph Explain why you are sending your resume. Make it clear what position you’re interested in and how you found out about the opening.  Middle Paragraphs Describe what you have to offer the employer. Try to match your qualifications to the job you are applying for and give specific examples of how your skills align with the job.  Final Paragraph Thank the employer for considering you for the position. Mention again your email address and/or phone number. Cover Letter