Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Information for All Employees All employees should know the answers to these questions before starting a new job. The Work  What are my duties and responsibilities? Will I receive training? Will I be paid during my training?  What is my work schedule? Will this schedule change?  How will my job performance be evaluated? Procedures  What is the dress code? Do I need to buy a uniform?  Are there any safety regulations that I must follow?  What should I do if I’m going to be late, or if I am sick and can’t make it in to work?  Do employees get regular breaks? If so, how long?  Who should I go to if I have a question or problem? Benefits  How much will I earn? When and how will I be paid? Do I need a checking account for direct deposit?  Will I receive health insurance? If so, where can I find details on this?  Do I get paid sick days? Paid holidays? Overtime pay?  Are there opportunities for advancement? If so, how can I take advantage of these opportunities?