What You Can Do  There is so much online that is inappropriate (violent videos, pornography, etc.). If you don’t entirely trust your child to be transparent with you, there are ways to monitor and limit your teen’s cell phone/online activities. If you need assistance with parental controls, contact your phone and/or inter- net provider, or search online for“parental controls.”  If your child plays video games, sites such as ESRB.org and CommonSenseMedia.org can help you determine if a game is appropriate.  Consider creating a Technology/Internet Contract that spells out how you expect your teen to use the internet, his/her cell phone, etc. You can find sample contracts online, or you can create your own. Unplug! Insist that all communication devices be turned off and put in a basket during dinner and other family times. To ensure that your teenager gets a good night’s sleep and isn’t on his/her phone late at night, require that all phones be plugged in for recharging in a central location (e.g., your bedroom) an hour before bedtime each night.