Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 65. If your child is involved in athletics, theatre, band, or orchestra, go to every game or performance and cheer loudly. 6. Help your child explore various career and educational options. Encourage your child to continue his/her education after high school. 7. Make sure that your child knows basic social behaviors (e.g., writing thank you notes, phone etiquette, having a firm handshake). 8. Help your child choose clothes that are in style and flattering, and that adhere to your school’s dress code. Talk about personal hygiene and grooming. 9. If your child has a job, make sure that he/she isn’t working too many hours or working too late. 10. Teach financial responsibility. Help your child learn how to manage money. 11. Pay attention to your child’s moods, sleeping patterns, and eating habits. These can be good indicators of how things are going at school and with friends. 12. Help your child develop his/her skills, interests, and hobbies. Find something that your child is good at and enjoys.