Use a Student Planner Using a planner every day is a great way to stay organized. Use your planner to record the following information. Important Dates Write in the beginning and ending date of each term, exam dates, special events, and the days your school will be closed for holidays and vacations. Daily Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests u Write each assignment under the date it’s assigned. u Beside each assignment, write the date it’s due. u Check off each assignment when it’s completed. u Write in all quiz and test dates. Projects and Papers Break large assignments down into smaller, more man- ageable parts. For example, if you have a paper due on Friday, you might give yourself these four assignments: Mon – Make outline Wed – Revise and rewrite Tues – Write first draft Thurs – Write final draft Be sure to write these smaller assignments in your planner also. Activities and Appointments Write in practices, appointments, social activities, and anything else you need to remember.