Study Area Your study area should be comfortable, quiet, well- lit, and have a surface for writing. Equip your study area with everything you need (paper, pencils, pens, calculator, etc.). Pocket Folders Have a different colored pocket folder for each class. Use these folders for handouts, returned papers, and homework assignments. When a folder starts to get full, throw out anything you don’t need, and put any papers you want to keep (review sheets, returned tests, etc.) in a home file. Notebooks Use a three-ring notebook with tabs for different classes. Three-ring notebooks work well because you can easily insert handouts, and if you’re absent, you can copy a classmate’s notes and insert them where they belong. Keep a 3-hole punch in your notebook so you can put handouts in with your notes as soon as you get them. Phone Numbers Have a phone number for at least one person in each class. If you miss a class or have a question about an assignment, you’ll then have someone to call. Organization Tips