Reduce Test Anxiety A little anxiety before a test improves your concentration and alertness. Excessive worry or test anxiety, however, can lower your test scores. Having test anxiety is like not having the password to your computer. The information is there—you just can’t get to it. To reduce test anxiety, study enough to feel confident that you know the material. Then try to replace the worry and negative thinking with thoughts that are positive and relaxing. Tips to help reduce test anxiety u Start studying early. Cramming only increases test anxiety. u Mentally practice going through the test. Visualize yourself taking the test, answering the questions correctly, and getting the grade you want. u Try these relaxation techniques. 1) Take a deep breath. Then slowly release your breath, along with any tension. 2) Starting at the top of your head, flex, and then relax each part of your body. 3) Think of a place where you feel relaxed and calm. Close your eyes and visualize being in that place. The more you practice relaxation techniques, the better you’ll get. If you continue to have problems with test anxiety, talk to a counselor. Study Skills InfoGuide Taking Tests Copyrighted Material 642-17 WOODBURN PRESS This digital publication was presented by: ©Copyright Woodburn Press LLC all rights reserved