Have a Notetaking System Develop a notetaking system that works for you. Here are a few suggestions. Use 3-ring notebooks Have a 3-ring notebook for each subject, or one larger notebook with tabs for multiple subjects. 1. Three-ring notebooks make it easy to insert pages. u If you miss a class, you can get a copy of the notes and insert them where they belong. u If you keep a 3-hole punch in your notebook, you can hole punch handouts in class, and put them in your notebook as soon as you get them. 2. When studying for a test, you can take your notes out of your notebook and spread the pages out. Format your notes u Start a new page for each day and class. At the top of the page, write the name of the class, date, page number, and the topic of your notes. u Use only one side of the paper and skip lines between ideas/topics. This will give you space if you want to add something later. u Leave a wide margin on the left side of each page for key words (people, places, topics, events, etc.).