Develop Your Listening Skills In order to take good notes, you must have good listening skills. Be an active listener Imagine this scene: You’re listening to the radio and they play a new song by your favorite artist. You stop what you’re doing and listen carefully. You want to hear every word so that you can understand the meaning of the lyrics. In this scene, you went from passive listening to active listening. When you’re actively listening in class, you aren’t just hearing the words, you are also thinking about, and trying to understand, the infor- mation that’s being presented. You must be an active listener in order to take good notes. Recognize important information You can’t write down everything that’s being said. To take good notes, you must be able to identify the information that’s most important. 1. Listen for these verbal clues: u louder or slower speech u information that’s repeated u phrases such as “the main point” 2. Write down anything that’s written on the board or overhead.