Participate in class Participating in class makes the class more interesting. It also helps keep your mind focused. Ask questions, volunteer answers, and participate in discussions. Be a good group member Whether you’re working on a class project, involved in an extracurricular activity, or working at a job, you must be able to get along with the other members of the group. The number one reason people get fired from their job is because they can’t get along with their supervisors and/or co-workers. Being able to work well in a group setting is an important skill. Be respectful We all want to be treated with common courtesy and respect. Treat people the same way that you would like to be treated. Be respectful in class, in social situations, and online. Take responsibility for your grades Always do your own work. You’ll learn more, and your grades will be something you can be proud of. If you receive a poor grade, don’t make excuses— figure out how you can do better next time. Tips for Success