Step 3. Organize your ideas Before you begin writing, make an outline or diagram of your ideas. u Put main ideas in the order you want to present them. u Write supporting ideas under each main idea. Step 4. Write the first draft u Find a place where you won’t be interrupted. u Write the first draft in one sitting. u Don’t worry about making mistakes— just start writing and get your ideas down. Step 5. Rethink, revise, and rewrite Read your first draft out loud to see if it makes sense. Then rethink, revise, and rewrite. u Add explanations and details. u Rewrite anything that isn’t clear. u Eliminate parts that aren't necessary. u Vary your sentence structure. u Correct spelling and punctuation errors. u Give it to someone else to read. Step 6. Write the final draft u Make final changes. u Turn in a neat, clean paper. Writing Steps cont.