READ To improve your reading comprehension, use all of the“learning tools”the author provides—and read with a purpose. Learning tools Textbook authors use the following learning tools to make it easier for students to understand and learn the material they’re presenting. Headings and Subtitles – introduce main ideas Bold and Italic Print – highlight key terms Pictures and Graphs – help you visualize information Vocabulary Lists – introduce new terms Chapter Summaries – give you an overview Review Questions – test your comprehension Read with a purpose When your reading has a purpose, you have a reason to stay focused, and your comprehension improves. To give your reading purpose, turn each heading into a question. Then keep your question in mind as you read that section. When you’re finished reading, see if you can answer your question. The Poison Dart Frog You’ve turned the heading, “A deadly creature,” into a question. After reading the text, you should be able to answer your question. into a question. What makes this creature deadly?