College Preparation To prepare for college, take the recommended college prep courses, and get involved. Take College Prep Courses Most colleges recommend that students take the following college prep courses in high school: 4 years of English 3 - 4 years of math (including Alg I, Geom, & Alg II) 3 years of social studies 3 years of science 2 - 3 years of the same foreign language 1 year of fine or performing arts Competitive schools and programs consider the above to be the minimum requirements. They recommend that students challenge themselves by taking advanced and/or honors courses whenever possible. Students who haven’t taken several of the above recom- mended college prep courses may want to start at a community college or at a college’s branch campus. The requirements for admission are less competitive, the classes are smaller, and there’s less pressure. Be Active and Involved Colleges are looking for students who are involved in meaningful activities. Look for ways to develop your interests, skills, and talents, and get involved in your high school and community.