Community College All high school graduates are welcome u For most programs, students need only a general high school education. Some programs, however, have additional academic require- ments. For example, a nursing program may require that all students have a year of biology, chemistry, and algebra. u Community colleges generally don’t require the ACT or SAT; however, to ensure that all students enroll in courses appropriate for their ability levels, many community colleges require that all incoming students take a placement test. u Community colleges offer developmental classes to help students who aren’t ready for college- level work. Colleges meet the needs of the community u Community colleges usually have very diverse student bodies. While some students are recent high school graduates, many of the students are older. Some are first-time college students; others are there to update their skills or prepare for a new career. u To accommodate the students who work during the day, many classes are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays.