Education and Training Training is available in a variety of careers Career and trade schools offer training for a large number of careers. Many of the most popular programs are in health care, business, computer science, and hospitality (travel and tourism, culinary arts, and hotel management). Students prepare for a specific career The education that students receive at a career or trade school is very focused, and the courses students take are directly related to their chosen career field. Art students study art, cosmetology students learn how to cut and style hair, and students who want to be a paralegal study the law. Students receive hands-on instruction Students spend the majority of their class time in job- related settings where they receive hands-on training from experienced instructors. The student-teacher ratio is low, and students generally receive a great deal of individual attention. Programs vary in length While some programs take one or two years to complete, others can be completed in a matter of weeks.There are, for example, a number of health care careers that require less than a year of training.