Costs vary greatly Career and trade schools are privately owned and in business to make a profit. While these schools can be expensive, their costs vary depending on the school and the program. Students who qualify may be eligible for financial aid. All high school graduates are accepted A high school diploma (or GED) is generally all that’s required for acceptance to a career or trade school. Schools are looking for students who have good basic skills, an interest in their chosen field, and a desire to learn. Credits usually do not transfer Because career and trade schools vary tremen- dously in their requirements and in the programs they offer, their credits usually are not accepted by two and four-year colleges. Students should, therefore, never go to a career or trade school with the idea of transferring. Consider all of your options Many of the programs offered at career and trade schools are also available at community colleges—where they are often less expensive. Research and compare all of your options. Things to Consider