Check Schools Out Carefully While there are many excellent career and trade schools, not all of them are reputable. Visit any school you are considering and get answers to the following questions. u Licensing and Accreditation – Is the school accredited? Who is the school accredited by? Be wary of any school that is not accredited. u Facilities – Is the equipment up-to-date and adequate for the number of students? What are the buildings and classrooms like? u Placement – What percentage of the school’s graduates find a job? Who hires the school’s graduates? What are their starting salaries? u Cost – What is the total cost of tuition, fees, and supplies? What is the refund policy? Is financial aid available? u Quality of Instruction – Are the courses and books up-to-date? What are the qualifications and credentials of the instructors? u Reputation and Stability – How long has the school been in operation? What percent of the students finish their program? If possible, check out the school with the Better Business Bureau.