Reserves and National Guard As part-time members of the military, enlistees go through basic training and job training. They train for two days once a month, and for two weeks once a year. They’re paid for the days they work, and they receive education benefits. The Reserves and the National Guard can be called to active duty when there’s a national emergency, or in the event of a conflict. Delayed Entry Through the Delayed Entry Program, students can have an opening in a specific career field reserved for them, and enter the military after they graduate. ROTC and the Academies ROTC programs are available for those who want to attend college before they enter the military. For those who qualify, there are excellent educa- tional opportunities at the military academies. Other Military Opportunities “I plan to join the military after I graduate from high school. I’ll get free career training, and I’ll be doing work I really believe in.” Jason