Prepare for a Career InfoGuide The Military Copyrighted Material 654-17 WOODBURN PRESS Training and Education Basic Training u Basic training is 8–12 weeks of intense physical and mental preparation. u Also known as Boot Camp, Basic Training includes a combination of classroom instruction, field exercises, and physical training. u Enlistees learn discipline, physical endurance, and respect for authority. Advance Individual Training (AIT) u After basic training, enlistees typically go to Advance Individual Training where they receive instruction and training for a specific job. u Advance training can last a few weeks, or several months. u Enlistees are trained in occupational fields such as accounting, communications, computers, health care, construction, law enforcement, mechanical repair, and culinary service. For More Information The best way to learn about the military is to talk to a recruiter. The career, training, and educational opportunities are different for each branch, so talk to recruiters representing two or more branches of the military. For information on opportunities in the military, go to This digital publication was presented by: ©Copyright Woodburn Press LLC all rights reserved