Training and Instruction On the job training u Apprentices start by doing simple tasks under the guidance and supervision of a journey worker. Apprentices are given more difficult work to do as their skills and knowledge increase. u Apprentices must have at least 2,000 hours of structured, supervised work experience. u While apprenticeship programs can last anywhere from one to six years, most apprenticeships are four-year training programs. Instruction u Apprentices take classes to learn techniques, theories, safety regulations, etc. For example, an apprentice carpenter is likely to receive instruction in basic math, carpentry techniques, first aid, blueprint reading, and safety. u Most apprenticeship programs require at least 144 hours of classroom instruction per year. u How, when, and where apprentices receive instruc- tion varies greatly. For example, an apprentice could work a 40-hour week and have a four-hour class one night a week, or work eight weeks and go to school for one week. Classes may be held at a community college, vocational school, or online.