How to Get an Apprenticeship Step 1 – Find a program u Do an online search for the apprenticeship programs in your area. u Contact trade associations, unions, and other professional organizations. Look for a registered program. A certificate from a registered program is a nationally recognized credential. Step 2 – Complete the application Once you’ve found a program, contact the program directly and ask if they are taking applications. Complete the application and take any required tests. Be sure to follow all of the instructions. Step 3 – Interview for the position An apprenticeship interview is like a job interview. Arrive early and be courteous and friendly to everyone. Emphasize that you are eager to learn and willing to work hard. Write a thank you note. What happens after the interview? After the interview, an applicant is given a numerical rating based on his/her employment history, education, test scores, and interview. Applicants are then ranked and put on a waiting list. An applicant may have to wait weeks or months to be placed in an apprenticeship program.