Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Dealing with a Bully  Avoid bullies when possible; however, don’t let a bully keep you from doing the things you want or need to do, such as going to school or to a game.  Don’t show emotion. Bullies want a reaction.  If you know that you’re going to be around a bully, have a friend or two with you. Bullies are less likely to target groups.  Show confidence. Stand tall, look the bully in the eye, and tell him/her to stop - or give a look that says ”this isn’t worth my time,” and walk away.  If you’re the target of a cyberbully, don’t respond. Print out and save copies of everything.  If a bully is bothering you, keep a record. Include dates, times, places, and the specific things that were said, done, sent, or posted online. If you are being bullied, tell a parent, teacher, or counselor what’s happening. Also tell your friends. If they know what’s going on, they can stand by you. Bullies try to isolate those they’re bullying. Do not let that happen. Tell someone!