Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 66. Make good decisions As a high school student, you are responsible for the choices and decisions you make. 7. Get to know your counselor Your high school counselor can help you choose your classes, make career and college plans, and deal with any concerns you have. “I see my counselor if I have a problem or a question. He’s really helped me a lot.” Alyssa 8. Be healthy and active To be at your best, eat healthy foods, be physically active, and get plenty of sleep. 9. Plan for the future Graduation may seem like a long way off, but it’s not too early to start thinking about what you want to do after you graduate. 10. Give your best effort every day Work hard in your classes. You want to have a high school record you can be proud of! Welcome to high school and have a great year! 10 Tips for a Great Year High School InfoGuide Welcome to High School – Item 691 Copyrighted Material 2016 Edition WOODBURN PRESS ©Copyright Woodburn Press LLC all rights reserved This digital publication was presented by: