Dealing with a Bully  Avoid bullies when possible; however, don’t allow a bully to keep you from doing the things you want or need to do, such as going to a game or to school. This is giving the bully what he/she wants.  Don’t show emotion. Bullies want a reaction.  If you know that you will be in the vicinity of a bully, try to have one or two friends with you. Bullies are less likely to target groups.  Show confidence. Stand tall, look the bully in the eye, and tell him/her to stop—or give a look that says ”this isn’t worth my time,” and walk away.  If you’re the target of a cyberbully, don’t respond. Print out and save copies of everything.  If a bully is bothering you, keep a record. Include dates, times, places, and the specific things that were said, done, sent, or posted online. If you are being bullied, tell a parent, teacher, or counselor what’s happening. Also tell your friends. Bullies try to isolate those they’re bullying. Do not let that happen. Tell someone!