Bystanders Bystanders are the key to preventing and stopping bullying. When their peers do nothing, bullies often feel encouraged to continue, or even increase, their bullying. If you see someone being bullied, here’s how you can help.  Tell the bully to stop what he/she is doing. How this is best done depends on the situ- ation and the people involved. It may take something as simple as, “Hey Jake, come on, leave him alone.”  Ask the person who’s being bullied to walk away with you and your friends.  If it seems dangerous to step in, or if you don’t feel comfortable saying anything, walk away. Don’t give the bully an audience. Later, find the student who was being bullied and offer your support. “I am sorry that happened. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.”  Report any bullying you witness in school to a teacher, counselor, or principal.