Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6If your child likes a particular school subject, explore the careers related to that subject. Below are a few examples of popular careers by subject area.  Language Arts – author, court reporter, lawyer, librarian, reporter, secretary, teacher, TV or radio broadcaster, writer  Math – accountant, bank teller, carpenter, computer programmer, electrician, engineer, stockbroker, surveyor, teacher  Science – athletic trainer, biologist, chemist, dental hygienist, engineer, forester, meteorologist, nurse, pharmacist, physician, teacher, veterinarian  Social Studies – lawyer, newscaster, police officer, politician, psychologist, social worker, teacher  Art and Music – architect, artist, composer, fashion or floral designer, musician, photographer, teacher  Foreign Language – flight attendant, hotel manager, international business consultant, interpreter, teacher, tour guide, translator, travel agent To help your child connect a school subject to the world of work, talk about how that subject is used in a specific career. For example, discuss how bank tellers and carpenters use math in their work. Relate Subjects to Careers