Why Do Bullies Bully? Most students who bully do so for one or more of the following reasons. Power and Control – Bullies want to show they are superior and powerful by controlling others. They often target students who are passive or shy, and less likely to stand up for themselves. Justice – Some students bully for revenge or to “get justice.” They want to get even for a perceived wrong. Jealousy – Students who are jealous of another’s success, status, or possessions sometimes bully in order to“bring others down.” Boredom – Some bullies are simply bored and entertain themselves by harassing others, not stopping to think what effect it might have. Intolerance – Bullies are often intolerant of people who look or act different than they do. These bullies target those with different backgrounds, beliefs, etc. To Impress Others – Some students bully in order to increase their status or to impress others, often bragging about what they have done. They think this is a way for them to earn admiration and respect.