Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6If you are the target of a cyberbully, do not despair. There are things you can do.  Immediately block or delete the cyberbully’s number or email.  Do not respond or retaliate; ignore it. Cyberbullies who don’t get a reaction often get bored and quit.  Tell an adult you trust. Also tell your friends. Don’t let anyone bully you into silence!  Save and print all messages or posts.  Keep a record of where the harassment is coming from and when it happens.  Look for clues to help you identify a cyberbully. Once identified, cyberbullies should be reported to their online service provider.  If you are being threatened, it’s serious. Tell your parents what’s going on, and consider involving law enforcement or taking legal action. School officials also need to be informed. Most importantly, don’t let a cyberbully get you down. Talk to your friends and parents about what’s happening, stay busy with activities you enjoy, and focus on the positive people and things in your life! What to Do