Memorization Tips u Use 3 x 5 cards to memorize facts, formulas, and lists. Take these cards with you and go over them when you have a few extra minutes (e.g., waiting for a ride, standing in line). u Record yourself reciting what you need to remember. Listen to the recording while you do chores, exercise, get ready for bed, etc. u Make up rhymes to help you remember information (e.g., “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” “30 days hath September...”). u Before you go to sleep, think about what you want to remember. Your brain will commit it to memory while you sleep. u Immerse yourself. If you are studying the Revolutionary War, imagine yourself as a soldier, and try to visualize the experiences you would have. To help you remember a person’s name, use his/her name in the conversation. “Nice to meet you, John.”