With the right preparation, studying for tests will take less time and effort, and your test grades will be higher. Prepare as you go u Make the most of the time you have in class. Ask and answer questions, listen, and take notes. Learning in class means that you have less to learn on your own. u Complete all homework assignments, and have all of your reading done several days before the test. u Take good, well-organized class notes. 1. Write on only one side of the paper and skip a line between topics. 2. Leave a wide margin on each page. Use this space to write in key words (topics, names, events, etc.). 3. After class, make sure that your notes are complete, and highlight the most important information. The class before the test u In the class before the test, pay particularly close attention. This is when important test information is likely to be given. u Before you leave class, make sure you know what information the test will cover, and what kind of test it will be (i.e., essay, true/false, multiple choice). Prepare Early