Things to Do Visualize success – For example, before the day of a test, close your eyes and imagine yourself confidently walking into the classroom. See yourself answering the questions correctly and getting the grade you want. Imagining a scene like this is called visualization. This is a technique that’s used by successful students, athletes, and leaders around the world. Use motivating“self notes” – Write motivating words, ideas, and/or quotes on sticky notes. Put these notes on your mirror, computer, or anywhere you’re likely to see them. Be confident – Learning should be challenging, and you should expect it to be difficult at times. Just know that you can rise to the challenge. Take care of your mind and body – Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, get regular exercise, and find healthy ways to deal with stress. Turn failures into successes – When something doesn’t go well, try to learn from the experience. “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Henry Ford