Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Look for numbers in everyday life Increase your child’s interest in math by showing that numbers are all around us.  As you drive around town, point out the numbers you see on buildings, billboards, and road signs.  Talk about the numbers you see on household items such as calendars, cereal boxes, and clocks. Involve your child Look for opportunities to count items and use numbers throughout the day.  Ask your child to bring you a specific number of objects, such as four spoons or five cups.  Have your child count the carrots on his/her plate, the coins in your wallet, or the socks coming out of the dryer. Before eating a bag of M&M’s, count how many there are of each color.  Purchase “color by number” and “connect the dots” coloring books.  Have your child help you while grocery shopping. “Help me find a bunch of six bananas.”  When you see or talk about a number, ask what number comes next. “We’re reading page 11. What number comes after 11?”