Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Teach Self-Care Skills Kindergarten teachers can’t possibly assist every child with his/her jacket or juice box. Teachers need students to be able to take care of these kinds of things on their own. Use these tips to help your child become more self sufficient. 1. Getting dressed It may take a bit longer for your kindergartener to get dressed without your help, but that’s how your child is going to learn. TIP – Buy shoes with Velcro fasteners, and make sure zippers, buttons, and snaps are easy to manage. 2. Eating meals and snacks Teach your child the proper way to hold utensils, how to open a juice box, use a napkin, and tidy up the area when he/she is finished eating. 3. Personal hygiene Kindergarteners need to know how to wash their face and hands, brush their teeth, and use the restroom. When something is difficult, don’t immediately swoop in to help. Instead, let your child try to problem solve— and celebrate when he/she is successful!