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The middle school years are amazing, challenging, and very important.

Middle school students are dealing with lots of new things. Their classes are more demanding, their bodies are changing, and then there is the middle school social scene.

SchoolShelf provides solutions that help students succeed academically, plan for their future, and get the most out of their middle school experience. It provides parents with valuable information and numerous helpful tips. And perhaps most importantly, SchoolShelf allows busy educators to provide solutions to a vast number of middle school related issues all in one place.

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Resources covering…

  • Study Skills
  • Parent Involvement
  • Bullying
  • Transition to Middle School
  • Career/College
  • And More…

Perfect for…

  • Counseling / Guidance Offices
  • Title I / Parent Programs
  • TRIO Programs
  • Library / Media Center
  • Homeroom / Advisory Groups

A one-year subscription for a single school or program is $750

Have questions or want a quote on a multi-level or multi-year subscription?
Give us a call at 888-285-1502

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