Implementation Instructions

There are several ways that you can implement SchoolShelf into your website. Most often a simple HTML link is used around text with your unique SchoolShelf web address (URL).

SchoolShelf can be setup to be accessed by your users in a few ways. Each method of access has its value and reason for use. Below you will find a description and implementation instruction to set-up access to your users.

Direct Access: Provide students and parents with your SchoolShelf URL in an email, newsletter, etc.  Or, simply type your SchoolShelf URL directly into the browser address field.

Basic HTML Link: Place your SchoolShelf URL (web address) that you place wherever you wish to provide your users access.  Place the following HTML code on your website: (See the code snippet below)

<a href=”[your school ID-name]” target=”new”>SchoolShelf</a>

SchoolShelf Logo Link: Select the SchoolShelf logo that best fits the space available on your website.  After selecting the logo, link it to your SchoolShelf URL.

iFrame Embedding: Use the code below to place SchoolShelf within your website.  SchoolShelf will appear on the page as a scrolling window. (See the code snippet below)

<center><iframe width=”600″ height=”600″ src=”[your school ID-name]” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” style=”border:5px solid lightgrey;”></iframe></center>

In the tabs below you will find SchoolShelf buttons you may use and link on your site. Additionally in the example tab you can find an example of an imbedded SchoolShelf the most common method of SchooShelf Implementation.

Note: When copy and pasting code snippets from this document please check to ensure the syntax has been pasted properly. On occasion copy/paste from websites or Word Docs will replace special characters with ASCI HTML code thus interfering with the display. (Specifically, ASCI quotes are replaced with smart-quotes)

Support / Service Ticket: Click Here to Submit Service Ticket
SchoolShelf Support Line: 888-285-1502

To save an image simply right click on one of the images below and select “Save image as…”









You can embed SchoolShelf directly into any page of your website via an iFrame.  Simply cut and paste the code above and replace the URL with your unique SchoolShelf URL.

To see an example of iFrame embedding in a school’s site: CLICK HERE




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