Setup Information Form

To allow us to accurately set-up your new SchoolShelf account; please fill out the form to the right >>
Note: If you are not the primary account contact, please provide their contact information in case we need more information to complete the setup.


Once the contact information has been filled out, there are a few additional items we need from you to complete your SchoolShelf setup. The items we need are School/Organization Logo (A), and Introduction Content (B). (See reference image below).




A:  School/Organization Logo

This is an image file upload field. Here you can upload your SchoolShelf header image that will personalize your SchoolShelf. The image must be in a web-friendly file format. (.png .jpg .jpeg .jpg) For optimal display purposes we recommend the .png format. This image size dimensions cannot exceed a width of 950 pixels, or a height of 250 pixels.

B: SchoolShelf Introduction Content

This text area below the logo is for you to use as you see fit. You can place any Introduction, Instruction, Welcome content you would like to share with your students and parents.

Other Fields of Note

It is important that SchoolShelf have a primary contact for your school/organization. The Additional Contact fields are provided should you not be the primary contact.



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