What is SchoolShelf?

SchoolShelf is a web-based student success library powered by Woodburn Press.

Why SchoolShelf?

Our content works, and has done so for 20+ years.
The print versions of the booklets and InfoGuides found on SchoolShelf are in 8,000+ school districts nationwide, and have helped over 20 million students reach their potential. SchoolShelf now makes this time-tested content available in an easy-to-use digital format.

Providing Solutions

Academic Success
Organization, Study Skills, Test Taking, Time Management…

Parent Involvement
Academic Support, Transitions, Planning for College…

Student Success
Transitions, Getting Involved, the Social Scene, Bullying…

College Preparation
Preparing for College, Admissions, Testing, Financial Aid…

Career Planning
Career Exploration, Education Choices, Preparing for College…

Best Practices

Counseling / Guidance
SchoolShelf is a great resource for busy counselors. It provides an easy way to give students the information they need—making it possible for counselors to spend their time focusing on specific student questions and concerns.

Homerooms / Advisory Groups / Classrooms
Whether you’re a homeroom teacher meeting daily with a group of students or an English teacher discussing study skills, SchoolShelf will provide you with a wealth of information and “discussion starters” on topics important to every student.

Parent Programs / Parent Centers / Parent Conferences
SchoolShelf makes it easy to provide parents with the information they need to help their children succeed.

Guidance Office / Career Center / Library / Media Center
Schools can help students improve their academic skills, be career and college ready, and more by having SchoolShelf available on computers in locations throughout the school.

College Transition Programs / Student Support
SchoolShelf is a great resource for Student Support Services, Learning Centers, freshman orientations, and College 101 courses.

Easy to Use 

  • No Usernames or Passwords / No Software Downloads
  • Access Anywhere. Anytime. On Any Device
  • Provide access to your SchoolShelf link any way you like


An annual subscription provides access to all students, parents, and educators at your school, district, or college. Subscriptions are available at several price levels. Contact us to find out which subscription(s) you qualify for.


Click below for answers to frequently asked questions.
Contact us for additional information.

How do students, parents, educators access SchoolShelf?

SchoolShelf is accessed via a custom URL for your school or institution.


Example: schoolshelf.com/000000-yorktownwildcats

You can use your URL in any way you see fit. Link it. Email it. Embed it. SchoolShelf is designed to be easily accessed. There’s no need for usernames or passwords-and login credentials are not required.

What is a “shelf” in SchoolShelf

Just as books in a library are organized by topic and put on a bookshelf, SchoolShelf resources are organized by topic and put together in an area that we call a “shelf.”  In SchoolShelf, you will find the following shelf categories:



  • Academic Success
  • Student Success
  • College Preparation
  • Career Planning
  • Parent Involvement
  • Spanish
  • Additional Resources

On each of the above shelves, you will find resources on that topic for your grade level.


When does the subscription run?

A one-year subscription begins August 1 and ends July 31.  To purchase single seat licenses go to WoodburPress.com

Multi-School licenses are available on request at a discounted rate.  Call us at: 888.285.1502 for a quote.



Can I print SchoolShelf resources?

You are able to download and print select content within the booklets and InfoGuides on SchoolShelf. If you would like hard copies of a title, visit us at WoodburnPress.com to purchase print editions. Items on the Additional Resources Shelf can be printed.

How much does a SchoolShelf subscription cost?

A single school license is $750.  Please go to our Online Store to order or contact us to request a quote for a multi-level SchoolShelf . A Woodburn Press SchoolShelf representative will respond to your request quickly—and be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Is SchoolShelf ADA compliant?

We are aware of ADA requirements, we take them seriously, and we are referring to them as we build and expand this website. We know that this kind of access is extremely important to many people and we are exploring the best ways to address their concerns.

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