10 College Majors All college students must choose a major. This is the subject they will study in depth. Choose a major that will help you reach your career goals, and one you will enjoy. Students who know what they want to major in should choose their high school courses accordingly. For example, students who plan to major in engineering should take as many advanced math and science courses in high school as they can. Many students start college without having decided on a major. These stu- dents can use their first year of college to take the required General Education courses (e.g., English, science, math), talk to their advisor, visit Career Services, and learn about the majors offered at their college. Students may be accepted directly into a major, or they may need to meet specific criteria first. For example, students at XYZ college may need to have a 3.0 GPA in designated college courses in order to be accepted into the col- lege’s School of Business. Students who want a specific major should find out if the colleges they’re considering have entrance requirements for their intended major. Most colleges have a broad range of majors from which students can choose. Some of the most popular college majors are listed below. Accounting Architecture Art Biology Botany Business administration Chemistry Communications Computer science Criminal justice Economics Elementary education Engineering English Finance French Geography Geology German History Information sciences Journalism Management Management infor- mation systems Marketing Mathematics Music Nursing Physical education Physics Political science Prelaw Pre-med Psychology Public relations Religion Secondary education Social work Sociology Spanish Special education Sports management Zoology