12 Part III Choosing a College Knowing what’s important to you will help you find a college that’s a good fit. Things to Consider When looking for colleges that will be a good match for you, consider the following: Size – Do you want to go to a large college with lots of majors and activities, or to a small college with fewer students and smaller classes? Location – Where do you want to go to college? Close to home? In your home state? Out of state? Near a big city? Close to nature? Academic Programs/Other Criteria – Is there a specific subject you want to study? If so, you need to find the colleges that offer that major. Are there other things that are important to you, such as a study abroad program, cam- pus diversity, or a specific sport? Cost – How important is cost to you? In order to save money, many students choose to go to a public college in their home state, or they start at a com- munity college. Remember, financial aid often makes it possible for students to attend colleges that would otherwise be too expensive. Admissions Requirements – Which colleges seem to be a good academic fit for you? Look for colleges that accept students with academic records (i.e., grades, test scores) similar to yours. Do a College Search Once you've determined what you’re looking for in a college, search for the colleges that meet your criteria. Guidance offices often have online college planning tools such as Naviance, and bookstores and librarieshaveavarietyofresources.There’salsoawealthofinformation online. To do an online search for the colleges that meet your criteria, go to bigfuture.collegeboard.org.