18 Select appropriate 10th grade courses Inthespring,reviewyourfour-yearhighschoolplanwithyourparentsandyour counselor, and select the most appropriate courses for your sophomore year. Plan meaningful summer activities Read, develop a hobby, take a course, join a team, and/or volunteer at an animal shelter, hospital, or nursing home. Many colleges also have excellent summer programs for high school students. Be careful with your internet use DonotpostanythingonasocialnetworkingsitesuchasFacebook,Instagram, or Snapchat that you would not want a college admissions officer to see. Admissions officers do check these sites. Start a college savings account If you haven’t started saving for college yet, begin now. Also, encourage your parents to look into 529 plans. For information on these plans, go to www. collegesavings.org. Take college prep courses, work hard to get the best grades possible, and look for opportunities to further develop your interests, talents, and skills. Work hard to get good grades Your sophomore courses are likely to be more difficult than your freshman courses, and you will probably need to study more. Get involved in meaningful activities Find activities to be involved in, both in and out of school. Develop your interests and find something to feel passionate about. 10th Grade Your Sophomore Year