22 During your senior year, clarify your goals and stay focused. As you go throughthecollegeadmissionsprocess,workcloselywithyourparents and your counselor. Continue to work hard to get good grades You may have heard that your senior grades are not important. This is not true. Colleges often ask to see first semester senior grades, and at the end of the year, your high school will forward your final transcript (with your senior grades) to the college you plan to attend. Set up a calendar for the year Use this calendar to record test dates, college visitation days, application deadlines, etc. Sign up for the first ACT or SAT, if necessary Take a look at your previous test scores and determine whether or not you need to take a fall ACT and/or SAT. If you want to take the October ACT or SAT, you need to register early in September. Colleges view test scores differently. Some colleges are looking for very high test scores. Other colleges use ACT and SAT scores more for course placement than admissions. If you’re interested in a competitive college or program, or if you’re trying to get a scholarship, having high test scores can be very important. For advice on whether you should retake the ACT and/or SAT, talk to your counselor or call the college admissions office. Turn your “Activities Record” into a resume A one-page resume listing your education goals, GPA, class rank, activities, achievements, and unique experiences can be very helpful to anyone writ- ing a recommendation. This resume can also be given to college admissions officers when making a college visit. 12th Grade Your Senior Year