29 Scholarship Application Tips Make sure all applications: 1) are completed correctly; 2) have your name on every page; 3) include everything requested; 4) are copied before being submitted; and 5) submitted before the deadline. u Network. Tell everyone, including your counselor, that you are looking for scholarships. Check for scholarship opportunities with your place of employment, your parent’s place of employment, and any organizations to which you or your parents belong. u Guidance offices, career centers, and libraries usually have a great deal of information available on scholarship opportunities. u Search for scholarships online. These websites match a student’s interests, plans, background, and special circumstances with thousands of govern- ment, community, and campus-based scholarship programs. www.fastweb.com www.scholarships.com u Make sure you give teachers and counselors have plenty of time to write recommendations and prepare transcripts. Be aware of deadlines! u Colleges seek students who excel in a specific area or who have an unusual talent. They also look for students who will bring diversity to their campus. Colleges often offer such students a scholarship as an incentive to attend their school. u Always check to see if financial aid and scholarship awards are renewable. A one-year scholarship is for one year only; a renewable scholarship can become a four-year scholarship. u Be suspicious of scholarship services that charge a fee. Most of these ser- vices provide little information of value and some are outright scams. The FTC estimates that hundreds of thousands of families are scammed out of millions of dollars each year by fraudulent companies. u Remember that most financial aid is not awarded in the form of a scholarship. Pursue allfinancial aid opportunities.