16 Josh's Monthly Budget Worksheet The goal of creating and maintaining a budget is to take charge of your finances. People who record and track every transaction are much more likely to reign in their spending and live within their means. Josh has a job at a grocery store and is taking classes at the local community college. He recently movedintoanapartment withhisbest friend.They paid the first month's rent and the security deposit, which they hope to get back when they move out. Josh, however, soon realized that living in an apartment involves many more expenses than just the rent. There are bills for cable/internet, gas, electricity, water, renters insurance—not to mention food. Knowing that it will be tough to make ends meet and keep on top of his finances, Josh created a monthly budget, and vowed that he'd stick to it. "I think I need a budget." Estimated Monthly Income $__________________ Expenses Budgeted Spent Rent Utilities Insurance Car loan Internet / Cable School supplies Cell phone Food Entertainment Clothes Misc. Total Expenses Balance_____________________ Fixed Expenses Flexible Expenses