On-the-Job Training Employers generally provide some sort of on-the-job training for new employees. OJT programs provide short-term training On-the-job training can last anywhere from a few hours to several months. It is designed to teach you what you need to know to perform a specific job. Plan and prepare for a career u Find a job in a field you‘re considering as a career. For example, if you want a career in the fashion industry, try to get a job at a clothing store. u Increase your chances for advancement. Have excellent attendance. Be polite, willing to learn, and enthusiastic—and make every effort to get along with your co-workers and supervisors. u Consider additional education/training. Remember, you can always go back to school, even if it’s just to take one course. u Make a three-year plan. Making a three-year plan will help ensure that you don’t get trapped in a dead-end job. The tips in this InfoGuide will help you get a good job and prepare for a career.